Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Fellowship Spotlight: Ocean

As a political science undergraduate student, politics has become a core component of my day-to-day life. Whether it’s a discussion revolving around a political dilemma or a lecture about the historical foundations of our political society, I am always intrigued to hear and learn about the variety of perspectives and ideas discussed in university. However, I’ve realized that while my degree successfully provides a breadth of theoretical knowledge, it fails to encourage political engagement and motivate political participation.

Getting involved with CJPAC has filled that gap; it increased my political awareness and taught me the fundamentals of political campaigning. Since getting involved with CJPAC, I’ve participated in a variety of political initiatives, including volunteering for Alexandra Lulka’s campaign for TDSB trustee, assisting on Tehila Colman’s student government campaign at York University, assuming the role of VP external advocacy on Israel on campus, as well as successfully campaigning and winning a seat on Western University’s Senate.

The CJPAC Fellowship truly brought me closer to Canadian and student politics, inspired me to get involved and helped me create countless new and genuine friendships. I’m very grateful for the network, experience and support that CJPAC offers its alumni and I look forward to further enriching my political experience and involvement in the political process.

CJPAC Fellow 2016-2017

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