Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition on Shavuot

The Leader of the Official Opposition and Interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, issued the following statement marking Shavuot:

“This evening at sundown, those of the Jewish faith will join friends and family to commemorate and celebrate the giving of the Torah by G-d to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai. The word Shavuot translates to ‘weeks’ and marks the seven week period after the Jewish peoples’ exodus from Egypt.

Traditionally, men and women will spend the first night of Shavuot studying the Torah and other holy scriptures. In addition, families will attend the synagogue to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments.

On behalf of the Official Opposition and Conservative Party of Canada, I would like to extend our warmest wishes to the Jewish community here at home and around the world as they prepare to celebrate Shavuot.

Chag Sameach.