Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
A Rosh Hashanah Message from CJPAC’s Chair and Executive Director

With the High Holidays approaching and at a time of individual and collective self introspection, we must ask ourselves, what more can we do to make our community stronger? One of the best ways to answer this question is through political engagement. Our great sage, Maimonides, explained that we blow the shofar in the month of Elul and on Rosh Hashanah as a wake-up call to correct our lives. “Arise from your slumber, you who are asleep; wake up from your deep sleep, you who are fast asleep,” he writes.
This New Year, we encourage members of our community to get more involved and have our voices heard.  With a possible election on the horizon, there will be great opportunities to begin the year by making a difference. Participating in an election through volunteering, voting or donating to a campaign are just some of the ways you can get involved in the political process and CJPAC can help you to get involved effectively. Political engagement is certainly not limited to election time and there are many ways to make an impact between elections as well. By getting involved with CJPAC, you can show your support and make a difference for the Jewish community. It is easy to get started and you can begin today by joining CJPAC. Share this message with your friends and family this New Year, and let’s make an impact together.

We join the entire CJPAC Board and staff in wishing each of you Shana Tova, a happy, healthy and sweet year.

Thank you,

Joel Reitman        Mark Waldman
Chair                    Executive Director