Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
ACT NOW: A moment of truth in Canadian Politics

In this alert:

Click here to thank the Prime Minister for rejecting
Palestinian unilateralism, signing the Ottawa Protocol, rejecting Durban III,
and re-introducing legislation to support victims of terror.


Click here to send a message to the NDP, asking them to
reject Palestinian unilateralism.


Click here to thank the Liberals for their stance regarding
Palestinian unilateralism, and the work of Liberal MPs on the Ottawa Protocol.

Over the past week, Prime Minister Harper and the Government of Canada have taken a number of vital steps to ensure that Israel and the Jewish community are not isolated on the international stage. Specifically, Canada has taken a lead in the following ways:

Please take a moment to email the Prime Minister to thank
for the Government’s outstanding leadership on all of these issues.

At the same time, it is important to push the NDP to stay
faithful to their party’s long-standing policy that real peace cannot come
through unilateral declarations, but rather must be arrived at through
negotiations between both sides. As the Official Opposition, it is critical
that the NDP continue to support constructive solutions and reject
counterproductive and unilateral measures such as the current Palestinian
efforts at the UN. Please click here to email NDP Interim Leader Nycole Turmel
to send a message of encouragement. (N.B. In the event that the NDP releases a
statement after this email is sent, we will update the link to ensure it is

Finally, I hope you will express gratitude to the Liberal
for their support for Israel and rejection of the Palestinian initiative
at the UN, as well as the key role that Liberal MPs played in crafting the Ottawa Protocol to Combat Anti-Semitism.

Every time that you send a letter, volunteer on a campaign,
or join a political party, you are sending an important message and ensuring
that our community has an impact beyond our numbers. Thank you for your ongoing
work to ensure that support for Israel’s security and for peace in the Middle
East remains a uniting force across Canadian politics.

Henry Wolfond
Chair, CJPAC