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ACT NOW: Canadian responses to confrontation with Hamas

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Click here to thank the Government for their support of Israel in the face of Hamas aggression.

Click here to ask the NDP to stand behind Israel and to condemn Hamas.

Click here to thank the Liberals for their support of Israel in the face of Hamas aggression.


Over the past weeks, Hamas and other terrorist organizations have escalated their rocket attacks which target over one million Israeli civilians. As a result, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense on Wednesday, which began with an aerial strike on Hamas’ notorious military commander Ahmed Jabari. The purpose of this operation is to disrupt terrorist operations and infrastructure in Gaza in order to stop and prevent the continuing attacks on Israeli population centres.

Since then, the Conservative Government, the NDP, and the Liberals have released statements concerning the conflict. The Government and Liberals both denounced the rocket attacks from Hamas and reaffirmed their support for Israel’s right to defend itself. [Government Statement] [Liberal Statement]

The New Democrats also released a statement which expressed concern over the situation, but did not condemn Hamas or support Israel’s right to self defence. [NDP Statement]

It is vital that all three parties hear from members of the pro-Israel community.

Please click here to email the Government.
Please click here to email the NDP.
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Henry Wolfond
Chair, CJPAC