Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Bloc Québécois
Mr. Steven Blaney (Lévis—Bellechasse, CPC):  
    Mr. Speaker, we recently discovered that some Bloc members are supporting a conference that will be attended by the executive director of an NGO that sanctions hateful stereotypes about Jews.
    The spokesperson for the Canadian Islamic Congress claims that all Israelis over 18 are legitimate targets for Palestinians. That organization will be represented at the conference. Those remarks are unacceptable.
    Can the Minister of Public Safety comment on the Maclean’s magazine article that reports that the Bloc Québécois member for Gatineau is sponsoring this hateful event?
Hon. Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety, CPC):  
    Mr. Speaker, as soon as I learned about this event, I asked the RCMP to explain its involvement. I have asked it to immediately cease any participation.
    Let me be clear. Canada’s national police force must have no involvement in any event organized by those who promote extremism and hatred.