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Brison calls for resignation

OTTAWA – The Honourable Scott Brison, M.P. (Kings-Hants) is calling on Thomas Hubert to step down from his position on the British Columbia Young Liberal executive after Mr. Hubert made offensive and anti-Semitic comments on a web log. "These remarks are totally unacceptable. The Liberal Party is a party of tolerance, multiculturalism and understanding. Mr. Hubert’s remarks are not fitting for an executive member of our Party," said Mr. Brison.

"While representing the Party in an executive capacity, one must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the fundamental values of the Party," said Richard Diamond, chair of the youth campaign for Mr. Brison’s leadership bid.

"Thomas Hubert, while welcome to his personal views, made hateful and inappropriate comments", said Mr. Diamond, who is also President of the Young Liberals of Canada. "These remarks are inconsistent with the values of Young Liberals, and therefore he should resign from the position of Vice-President Communications," he added.

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At 12:44 PM, Thomas said…
The Liberal Party is stronger without these violent Zionists in our party. I am glad for them to cease influencing our foreign policy so we are free to promote Canadian values of peace. It amazes me that this community is so absurdly selfish. The only issue that matters to them is the defence of a "state" that survives on the blood of innocent people. Shameful.
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One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. At one point, George Washington was considered a terrorist by the powers that be. History will remember Hezbollah as an organization that stood up to the most vile "nation" in human history.
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8/07/2006 11:59 AM