Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Canada foreign minister condemns attack on group in Israel

OTTAWA (AFP) — Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier on Friday blasted a sniper attack on Canadian civilians visiting a town in southern Israel said to be under constant threat of rocket fire from Gaza.

The Canada-Israel Committee delegation was in Sderot to "familiarize" themselves with goings-on in the region when an unidentified shooter fired at them, Bernier said.

An Israeli security official was wounded in the attack, he said.

"Canada strongly condemns today’s attack on a delegation visiting an observation point near Sderot," Bernier said in a statement.

"These attacks targeting civilians are unacceptable, and I wish a full recovery to Mati Gill, the bureau chief of the Israeli Public Safety Minister, who was wounded in the attack."

Israel’s army said an Israeli civilian also suffered a minor gunshot wound in the attack.