Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Canada must directly demand Bahari’s release from Iran

OTTAWA – New Democrat Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar is calling on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to take advantage of his trip to the United Nations to directly demand of his Iranian counterpart the immediate release of Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari from Iran’s custody.

“Minister Cannon has a unique opportunity to raise this case and build up the international pressure on the Iranian authorities to ensure the release of Maziar Bahari,” said Dewar. “Protest is important and symbolic, but not enough. We want to see the Minister actively raising the demand for Mr. Bahari’s release with his Iranian counterparts.”

Dewar echoed the recommendation from New Democrat Leader Jack Layton who had earlier called on the government to send a high-level delegation to Tehran to pressure the Iranian authorities on behalf of Mr. Bahari.

New Democrats passed an emergency resolution at their convention this summer calling for the release of all political prisoners in Iran, including Maziar Bahari.