Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison expressed his solidarity with the State of Israel following the unprovoked attacks and kidnappings of Israeli citizens outside of Gaza and at the Lebanese border.

“Israel not only has the right but the absolute duty to protect itself and its citizens from terror attacks. In a region that is already a powder keg, the coordinated actions of Hamas and Hezbollah – both of which are on Canada’s terrorist list – can only raise the tensions and elevate the risks for all parties” affirmed Mr Brison.
The MP for Kings—Hants also stated that Canada has an important role to play in the region.

“Canada’s reputation in the region is stellar. We are well respected by all players in the region. I call upon Foreign Affaires Minister Peter MacKay to offer our good offices and go to the region, in order to assist in securing the release of the Israeli hostages and help defuse the situation.”

Scott Brison concluded that Canada is uniquely placed to lead the international community’s efforts to find a peaceful exit to the current situation and that the government has a moral duty to act quickly in this regard.