Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Canada-Palestine Friendship Group Report

Mr. Speaker, last week I raised a point of order concerning a document circulated to members of the House.
I objected to the failure to identify the document as a product of the Canada-Palestine friendship group. Instead, it was presented with the House of Commons identification on the cover, followed by "A Report of the Parliamentary Delegation to the West Bank and Gaza". But the members were not delegated by the House nor are they a parliamentary association, which implies taxpayer funding.
More troubling than the misrepresentation of the origin and authors of the report is the one-sided presentation of a complex and multifaceted conflict.
These members toured UNRWA camps. Did they notice that school books depict only one state called Palestine? These members toured illegal tunnels. Did they notice the smell of gunpowder and rocket fuel? Did the members suggest to their hosts that calling for the destruction of a neighbouring state and launching rockets into civilian areas are not landmarks on a path to peace? Finally, did the members take note that a complete Israeli withdrawal that displaced 7,000 settlers from Gaza did not produce an ounce of peace or hope for Israelis or Palestinians caught in the conflict?