Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Ceasefire Necessary

The Member of Parliament for Madawaska – Restigouche, Jean-Claude D’Amours has sent a letter to the Prime Minister today expressing his profound disagreement with regards to the government’s official position concerning the crisis in the Middle East between Israel and Lebanon. Prime Minister Harper has in fact expressed his endorsement towards Israel’s actions in the Middle East conflict.

"The situation unfolding in the Middle East demands that we act with tact and diplomacy. However, the comments made by Stephen Harper indicate otherwise", explains the MP D’Amours. The Prime Minister has waited to long to intervene and to help Canadians presently in the war zone. Many of them are unable to contact Canadian representatives or the Canadian embassy.

"Where is the Canada that we have built? Where is the Canada that was once the defender of the oppressed and the vulnerable?" questions Jean-Claude D’Amours. Canada is known as a country of tolerance, peace and compromise. However, the comments made by the Prime Minister do nothing but promulgate the contrary. "It is as thought we are living in a country of oppression and war, where the minority must suffer the political powers that be," adds the MP.

Jean-Claude D’Amours concludes that Stephen Harper must modify his position by demanding a ceasefire on the part of Israel. "It is a question of respect for Canadians that are currently in Lebanon and their families here, worried sick about the situation," explains Jean-Claude D’Amours.