Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Celebration of the State of Israel

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the state of Israel on its 60th anniversary and draw attention to the vitality essential.


–for the building of a democratic, pluralistic state amidst relentless assaults and calls for its destruction and to an enduring legacy of scientific, academic, cultural and economic achievements.


Israel is not simply a homeland for the Jewish people—a place of refuge and protection. It is the homeland of the Jewish people. It is—


—a vehicle for Jewish survival and self-determination, of the reconstitution of an ancient people in its ancestral homeland.

May I conclude with the age old prayer for peace: Oseh Shalom Bimromov, Who Yaaseh Shalom, Alenu V’al Kol Israel, V’imeru, Amen. May God who establishes peace on high, grant peace for us all, Amen.

May this 60th anniversary herald the end of terror and violence and a real, just, and lasting peace for all peoples in the Middle East.