Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee


A census is a survey about a population. Typically, a given country’s government will issue a census at regular intervals for all residents to fill out. Census questions are aimed at better understanding the accurate size of its population and the demographics within.

Canada conducts a census every five years (and 2021 is one of those years). The census provides critical data that guides government allocations. It also plays a key role in helping Jewish organizations plan the future of Jewish programs and services in our local and national communities.

In the 2016 census the Jewish community’s size was under-reported by a large margin, limiting the community’s ability to address our community’s our most important issues: antisemitism, poverty, security, and support for the people of Israel.

In 2021 there was a push for, which asked those who received the long-form census and identify as Jewish to say so in the ethnicity and religion sections.