Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Chanukah Greetings from the Prime Minister

It is my distinct pleasure to extend my heartfelt greetings to Jewish Canadians as you celebrate Chanukah.

Chanukah holds a deep significance and a special place in Jewish history.  This ancient tradition commemorates the Maccabean miracle and the rededication of the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem after its desecration.  Two millenia have passed, but the kindling of the Menorah candles during the eight days of Chanukah continues to honour the enduring perseverance and strength of the Jewish community.

Persecution and injustice have plagued the Jewish people throughout their history.  The Chanukah Menorah is a symbol of the light of unyielding faith that has banished this darkness.  For many Canadians, it is also a reminder of the religious freedom we enjoy.  We are immeasurably enriched by the cultures and religions that contribute to our tradition of pluralism.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I would like to wish you all a memorable and blessed Chanukah.

Chag Chanukah Sameach!