Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
CJPAC Fellowship Program

With students now back on campus, the CJPAC Fellowship program has begun another very successful year. This year, 26 students have been selected to participate in the program from 12 cities across Canada. These students were selected because of their involvement in Canadian politics and great leadership on their respective campuses. In addition to these 26 Fellows, we will also have 8 students participating in our Senior Fellows Program. These are students who participated in the Fellowship program last year, and are still on campus. Senior Fellows will work with CJPAC and the new Fellows to engage students in the political process.

The Fellowship program allows politically interested and active students to engage in Canadian politics at an intense level. CJPAC Fellows are given opportunities to enhance their understanding of the political system at all levels, election campaigns and Israel advocacy in Canada. They will have unique opportunities to meet with Members of Parliament and senior political strategists throughout the year.

From Thursday, November 15th to Sunday, November 18th, CJPAC Fellows met in Ottawa to attend the 2nd annual Fellows political training conference. This included several meetings with Members of Parliament, a day of media and campaign training and a visit to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Click here to see pictures of our CJPAC Fellows in action!