Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
CJPAC Generation

CJPAC’s Generation: Student Leaders Program is designed specifically for high school students who are politically interested and engaged. This program is open to all Jewish high school students in grades 10-12 (secondary 4 and 5 in Quebec) across Canada. Students gather monthly throughout the school year to meet with a variety of experienced and insightful speakers. *

They engage in thoughtful discussions with other young adults that are designed to open the doors to engagement in the democratic process. During these sessions, students enhance their political knowledge, strengthen their voices and hone their skills. As a part of the program, students may apply to attend a culminating conference in Ottawa in May 2022. **

*Monthly sessions in Fall 2021 will be held virtually. If COVID safe, we hope to be able to do a combination of virtual and in person session in Spring 2022.
**Ottawa Conference is COVID dependent, if we are not able to travel to Ottawa in person, there will be a virtual conference.

For more information, contact Noa Farage at