Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Condemn Iranian government

Hon. Stephen Owen (Vancouver Quadra, Lib.):

"Mr. Speaker, given the emerging circumstances in Iran, I invite all members of this House to join me in the following statements.

First, I invite them to join me in condemning Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s genocidal comments regarding the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

Second, I invite members to join me in insisting that Iran cease its arming of terrorist organizations.

Third, I invite them to join me in demanding that Iran honour its commitments under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Fourth, I invite them to join me in urging the UN and the International Atomic Energy Agency to demand access to its investigators to certify that the program has ceased.

Fifth, in the event of non-cooperation with any of the above imperatives, I invite members to join me in calling on the UN Security Council to impose wide-ranging sanctions on international travel, freezing foreign bank accounts and halting all trade with Iran beyond humanitarian aid."