Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Conservative Party of Canada
    Mr. Speaker, I thought I had heard it all from the Conservative Party of Canada when last November 11, the party’s fundraising arm called veterans in this country to ask for money.
    I thought that was the lowest of the low until just recently, when a constituent of mine called me and said that a member of the Conservative Party had called him looking for money, because “We are the only party that stands up for the Jewish people of Canada and Israel”. I thought I had heard it all from a political party that uses religion and wedge politics, but this is the lowest of the low.
    It is bad enough to call veterans on Remembrance Day looking for money for a political party, but using wedge religious politics, in this case with the Jewish people of Canada, to raise funds for a party is despicable and low.
    The Conservative Party of Canada and the Prime Minister of Canada should apologize to all people in Canada–