Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Liberal MP and Former Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler rose in the House of Commons to condemn Palestinian terrorist fire targeting a group of Canadians visiting the Israeli town of Sderot.

Said Cotler: “Today a Canadian delegation, including constituents of mine, was the target of deliberate sniper fire while visiting Sderot – an Israeli town that I recently visited – that has endured seven years of relentless rocket attacks, targeting schools, synagogues, playgrounds and day care centres, with the objective of killing Jews because they are Jews.”The Opposition Human Rights Critic particularly condemned the relentless terrorist rocketing of Sderot – “more than 1,000 rockets have been launched in the first three months of this year alone” – as constituting a “double war crime whereby Palestinian terrorists deliberately target Israeli civilians while shielding themselves behind Palestinian civilians in Gaza.”

Cotler added: “Sderot is the only community in the world today that is a standing target of relentless terrorist attacks. As a mother told me, a child learns “red alert”, the alarm notice, before even the words ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy.’” Cotler asked, “Why should anybody anywhere have to live under this terrorism and trauma?” Cotler deplored the indifference and inaction of the international community, which only encourages such terrorism. He concluded: “Tragically, the international community remains indifferent and silent. Why has there not been one single condemnation by any international UN agency of these daily war crimes?

We know the surest way to ensure that evil will triumph in the world is for enough good people to do nothing. Let Parliament speak, the international community act and let this culture of impunity end.”