Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Cotler Calls on Government to Further Sanction the Iranian Four-fold Threat

OTTAWA— Liberal Justice and Human Rights Critic Irwin Cotler today called on the Canadian Government to sanction the Central Bank of Iran; to put the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) – the epicenter of the Iranian threats – on the terrorist list; to sanction the Iranian regime for its genocidal incitement; and to expand the orbit of sanctions against those individuals and entities engaged in the massive domestic repression in Iran.

Mr. Cotler chairs the Responsibility to Prevent Coalition, a consortium of international Parliamentarians, jurists, scholars, Iranian intellectuals and peace activists.

“The evidence is clear: as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has now disclosed, Iran is accelerating its nuclear weaponization program,” said Mr. Cotler. ”It continues to be the leading state sponsor of international terrorism, including recent attempts to assassinate a Saudi Ambassador in the United States; it engages in odious genocidal incitement, recently labeling Israel – yet again – as a ‘cancerous tumor’ in the Middle East that must be excised; and, in particular, it has intensified its massive repression of women, religious minorities like the Bahá’ís, ethnic minorities like the Kurds, trade unionists, students, and dissidents who would exercise their rights, while increasingly targeting, intimidating and imprisoning the lawyers who would defend them.”

“While government action to date is appreciated, much more now needs to be done to combat this urgent Iranian four-fold threat,” said Mr. Cotler. ”In a word, Iran has emerged as the greatest threat to international peace and security, to regional and Middle Eastern peace, and increasingly – and alarmingly so – to the rights of its own people.”