Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
CUPE Israel Boycott

[May 30, 2006]

Mrs. Susan Kadis (Thornhill, Lib.): [] “Mr. Speaker, this weekend, the Ontario wing of CUPE made the illogical, absurd and unhelpful move to launch a boycott campaign against Israel. Its demonization of Israel is completely biased, lacks any reasonable approach to the very serious situation in the Middle East and totally undermines the peace process.

“Israel is a great friend of Canada. This outrageous resolution must be denounced for perpetuating a one- sided perspective to the detriment of all parties. We do not need to demonize one side to help the other.

“I strongly condemn this action and call upon CUPE to overturn its misguided, divisive and non- constructive stance toward Israel. I ask all leaders and members of the House to join together to reject outright and condemn this abhorrent action.”