Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Darfur – Peacekeeping Mission

"…I wish to draw to honourable senators’ attention again, the rapidly changing situation in Darfur. As honourable senators may be aware, the conflict in the region has escalated significantly this summer. A dangerous new dimension emerged when one of the rebel movements attacked an African Union peacekeeping base, killing at least 100 soldiers.

However, there is also some cause for hope. A new European Union peacekeeping mission will soon be deployed to protect Darfuri refugees in Chad and the Central African Republic, and the Security Council has approved the creation of a hybrid African Union-United Nations peacekeeping force with 26,000 personnel to protect civilian populations within Darfur.

In response to these events, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity has agreed to a resolution that calls for both the Sudanese government and the rebel groups to fully cease all hostilities and to ensure that humanitarian agencies have complete and secure access to the people of the region. We are also calling for the Government of Sudan to cooperate with the investigation by the International Criminal Court and for the rebel movement to make a genuine commitment as well to the peace process…"