Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Darfur – Preventing Atrocities

Hon. Keith Martin (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, Lib.):


"Mr. Speaker, yesterday in question period the government said that it must do everything to ensure that atrocities like gang rape do not occur, but gang rape and mass murder are occurring right now in Darfur.


Shockingly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his senior officials said that his government would do nothing and contribute nothing to the new hybrid force and for the essential air and ground transportation the force needs to stop the genocide.


Why is the government not going to contribute anything to the new AU-UN hybrid force for its air and ground transport–"



Hon. Helena Guergis (Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs and International Trade) (Sport), CPC)


"Mr. Speaker, we continue to be deeply concerned about the dire humanitarian situation in Darfur. As the hon. member knows, we are part of an international effort. In fact, Canada is the fourth largest donor to this mission.


The situation in Darfur has been referred to the International Criminal Court, which has issued arrest warrants for crimes against humanity and war crimes. The determination of the crimes as genocide is a matter for the court to decide.


We, the Government of Canada, continue to call on the Government of Sudan to cooperate with the International Criminal Court and to turn over the suspects."



Hon. Keith Martin (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, Lib.):


"Mr. Speaker, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs has just said that her government wants to stand up for human rights. That is hot air, because what the government has said, right up to this week, is no. It has said no to any contribution to the African Union hybrid force, and CIDA officials have said that if any resources are available, they are not going to Darfur, they are going to Afghanistan.


What is the government going to do to stop the genocide in Darfur? Will it contribute money to the African Union force, yes or no?"



Hon. Helena Guergis (Secretary of State (Foreign Affairs and International Trade) (Sport), CPC):


"Mr. Speaker, I think the hon. member failed to listen to the response that I had previously given. Let me remind him that Canada is the fourth largest donor to the mission. That is significant.


I also think the hon. member would recognize the importance of ensuring individual accountability that does not vary according to the category of crime. Impunity is no more tolerable for crimes against humanity or war crimes than it is for genocide. We have been and will continue to be on the forefront of efforts, both diplomatically and financially."