Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Declaration on War with Hezbollah

The current crisis in the Middle East is very concerning for many Canadians and especially for those with connections to Israelis, Lebanese, and Palestinians. I share the anxiety of those of us waiting for word from their relatives and friends in the region.

I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of the Al-Akhrass family. I wish to express my sympathies and condolences to their relatives and friends in the Montreal’s Lebanese community.

I frequently meet, across Canada and in my riding of St. Laurent- Cartierville, passionate advocates from every side, able to discuss their convictions in a peaceful and positive way. More than ever we Canadians much show the example of a constructive attitude leading toward a fruitful solution.

I hope very much that all the forces involved will quickly lay down their arms and come to a peaceful conclusion in the interest of everyone in the region and around the world.

In the meantime, I implore the Prime Minister and his cabinet to do everything in their power to ensure the security and safe return of any Canadian wishing to leave the region. I have received many complaints indicating that the government has not responded to the crisis in an effective and speedy way to address Canadians’ concerns about their families and friends stranded in the areas affected by this crisis.

I also hope that the Prime Minister is working with our allies in the region to offer Canadian assistance in the mediation process.