Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Durban Confrence Withdrawal

Mr. Speaker,

Last week three parties in the House of Commons came together to support the government’s decision to withdraw from the Durban Review Conference,

The conference became a platform for blatant anti-Semitism, making a mockery of the fight against racism.

Yesterday, this mean spirited government couldn’t resist the opportunity to politicize the issue.

The member for Calgary Southeast irresponsibly misrepresented the multi partisan support for the decision to withdraw from the conference.

His intemperate comments undermine the constant struggle against racism.

On Monday, in this House I called on the government to halt funding to non-governmental organizations that will be attending the conference, yesterday they took that step.

Still Canada should do so much more to lead the fight against racism. Instead of taking the lead, this government has attempted to smear members on this side of the House.

This government must stop playing their petty partisan games and should come together with all members of this house in the fight against racism.