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Originally, I was going to make a joke out of this post and simply submit some of the media coverage of recent events in Toronto. However, as I started looking into it, I begun to watch some of the old episodes and I really became inspired. The Heritage Minutes about Terry Fox, Laura Secord, Maple Leafs Gardens, and Jackie Robinson all made me very emotional. I felt pride and joy in being Canadian while watching and begun to realize just how much of a positive effect these minutes can have.

Suddenly the question of what do I think future Heritage Minutes should incorporate became very significant. Before I could determine what moment or person should be further immortalized, I established some ground rules for my choice.

The first rule was that the Heritage Minute should be about something from the past, from at least 15 years ago. Why 15 years? I don’t know, stop asking questions. But this rule means that I cannot choose recent events. For example, I would love to write about my favourite news personality Ezra Levant and his fight for free speech, but it’s all too recent for me. This way, I limit myself to events that transcend current divisive political thought by existing in the distant enough past. Ezra still broadcasts and still gets sued, and I don’t want Heritage Minutes to be divisive, so best just to avoid that.

The second rule is the one that surrounds all my blog posts. I am going to write from a conservative perspective. That means that although I would love to see a Heritage Minute expansion on the basketball minute that already exists – perhaps focusing on the Toronto Huskies, Toronto Raptors, Vancouver Grizzlies (sorry to bring them up…. sad times) and Steve Nash winning MVP – that’s of no relevance to conservatism, so I cannot bring it up. For the record, I also think Don Cherry deserves a Heritage Minute for his first Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. But, my choice will be a conservative choice, and although the big guy hates “pinkos” I don’t think he counts.

So what do I think should be the next Heritage Minute? How about getting some female power by giving some daps to our first and only Female Prime Minister, Kim Campbell. Former Prime Minister Campbell surely deserves to have her story immortalized in Canadian history. The spot could highlight the politics of the time and her leadership race and win. “But Eitan, she wasn’t really elected by the people”, hey, what did I tell you about questions? Stop that. You know who really wasn’t elected by the people? Our current Premier of Ontario. Kim Campbell was, unfortunately, part of the Conservative demise, but her accomplishment is still admirable.

As a Conservative I am proud to have the first and only female Prime Minister in our ranks. It would have been nice to have given her a chance to really do something (ahem, Canadian voters), but her in-party election shows the defeat of sexism in the Conservative party. Despite her dramatic loss in the election, the Canadian women’s magazine, Chatelaine, named Campbell as its ‘Woman of the Year’ in 1993. What I want from my Heritage Minutes is to feel pride and joy, and Kim Campbell’s story does exactly that.

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