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Eitan Gilboord (Conservative) | My Multi Partisan Valentine – 10 things I love About You
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“Valentine’s Day is a pseudo-holiday endorsed and propagated by the liberal media as a means of keeping the public’s mind off of gas plant scandals and tax increases!” is what I would say if I was asked to write about Valentine’s Day (can you tell I’m single?) But that’s not what I was asked to write about. The assignment for this week’s submission was to write a gushy love letter to a co-blogger. I was assigned my Liberal nemesis, Greta.

Now, let me clarify, I have never actually met Greta. However, I have read everything she has written for the blog, and we are also Facebook friends. So here’s a disclaimer: everything I say about Greta is conjecture and possibly inaccurate.

I think Greta is a 1st year student at McGill University and I know she is already very involved in politics. She is a Liberal who has very different beliefs and opinions than I, but is able to express those thoughts in a well put together and cohesive format. In spite of our philosophical differences, I have a lot of respect for someone who is so knowledgeable about politics, especially from such an early age. I can appreciate the fact that Greta truly wants to serve her country and make it a better place; I just disagree with the approach. But anyone who is as opinionated and passionate as Greta is truly deserving of applause.

Other things about Greta that I like include (according to Facebook) a mutually shared interest in writer Neil Gaiman, and the shared “liking” of Conservative Ministers John Baird and Chris Alexander. Oh, and we both were a part of the CJPAC high school program, which means Greta has excellent taste in grassroots, multi-partisan, political engagement organizations. These mutually shared interests tell me Greta is a wonderful individual who is at the peak of social awareness (for a politico).

Greta is a smart and talented young lady, who time after time proves to be a formidable foe in the blogosphere. I look forward to future duelling with Greta in the political world during what I am sure will be a very successful political career for her.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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