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Eitan Gilboord (Conservative): One Thing I Admire About Another Political Party
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We all have a friend who is so utterly obsessed with politics, and so determined for political success that they put victory over personal conviction. This friend is generally referred to as a “political hack”. That terminology is probably a reasonable description of me.

When I was asked to write something complimentary about political parties other than the one I support, I faced a difficult conundrum. How can I actually discuss merits of other political parties when I actively work to defeat them? What if I were to actually say something nice enough about another political party that I would accidently convince my dear readers to do something foolish like vote for a non-Conservative party, based on the merits that I just revealed?

I devised two different plans.

The first was I would simply talk about the merits of non-major right-wing political parties. That way I could still attempt to brainwash my readers with conservative messaging. For example, discussing the virtues of the Freedom Party of Ontario, or the Libertarian Party of Canada would allow me to do just that. I could indicate how, fundamentally, these tiny, meaningless political parties understand that a small government is the best form of governance, and their belief in the free market is both admirable and correct. But, ultimately, I don’t even want to compliment those political parties because their existence often only serves to steal votes from the Conservative causes.

Plan B was backhanded compliments. For example, in regards to the NDP, I admire their belief in various different nonsensical and disproven political policies. Anyone whose character is so strong that they can consistently base policy after policy on such utterly foolish socialist drivel has a truly admirable conviction, even in the face of enormous contrary evidence. Big government and socialism doesn’t work, and having enough chutzpah to try to convince Canadians to believe such foolishness is truly impressive.

The Liberals (specifically the Ontario Liberals) deserve credit for their commitment to winning at all costs despite all their responsibilities as the ruling government. The Ontario Liberals are champions of electoral victory; they throw away all integrity and obligation to truth telling in order to get elected, and have managed to stay in power despite an awful track record filled with scandals, lies, and fiscal mismanagement. The Ontario Liberals’ insistence on putting the conservation of power over good governance shows a staggering narcissism that is unmatched by any other political party across Canada.

The problem with both of my devious plans to avoid providing substantial points of admiration of other political parties is that I may be playing into the old stereotype of Conservatives as socially challenged and unable to work with other people. In Canada we have a parliamentary system that would thrive with more bipartisan work in the frequent cases of minority governments. In that light perhaps it is worthwhile to provide something that I admire about other political parties. After all if I can’t simply find something that is admirable in other political parties, how can I ever expect to see more bipartisanship in politics?

I suppose if I had to point to one thing I admire it would be use of social media by both the Liberals and the NDP. The Conservatives are getting better with our Prime Minister’s witty tweets and fun Facebook account, but we could do much better as a collective team. There you go; I guess I’m not a political hack after all.

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