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Eitan Gilboord (Conservative): | Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks: Gratitude in Canada

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Eitan Gilboord is in his final year of study at Ryerson University, where he is majoring in Politics and Governance. Eitan is the founder of the Ryerson Israeli Student Association, a prominent student group at Ryerson. Eitan has had success in the political field, working for the Federal Conservatives and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. Eitan attributes any success in politics to CJPAC where he interned in his second year of University.

If there is one thing that can unite all politicos, it is our gratitude for living in Canada. Regardless of party affiliation, we can all find something to be happy about living in Canada for, and to express gratitude about. For instance, nobody scoffs at the abundance of resources that are available in our nation to enrich the lives of all citizens of this great country. Everyone can be thankful that we live in a country without a tyrannical government, as opposed to Syria for example. These commonalities are precisely why the topic of “Gratitude in Canada” is so unique. There are various reasons that I am exuberant to be born in a country where there is freedom and we have the ability to maintain long-term prosperity. However, as a partisan, what is it that makes Conservative gratitude unique?

Partisans may express gratitude for Canada differently from each other and for different things. A Liberal may be thankful for charismatic politicians with full heads of hair and chiselled jaws; while my NDP colleagues may express their thanks for having socialized medicine and an abundance of Che Guevara shirts available in almost any downtown Toronto store. But as a Conservative, I am grateful to live in a place with personal freedoms, a strong Prime Minister, and of course the richness of natural resources available to us like the ‘profitorium’ or oil-sands, as it is more colloquially known.

The aforementioned “personal freedoms” are derived from living in a free capitalist society which allows for individuals to support themselves and their families in the way they see fit. This small concept is something that is very moving to me, and a fundamental building block of capitalism. I am incredibly happy that no matter where you start in life, everyone has the opportunity to excel in Canada. The rudimentary principle here is that the harder one works, the greater the reward. The wealth of opportunity that is available in Canada is truly unique to our society, and something most people throughout history have not experienced. The abundance of opportunity available to all citizens in Canada is enormous due to our free capitalist society. For instance, the abundance of food that is available on a day-to-day basis allows one to choose what type of food they want to eat. One can choose what type of career they want to pursue. In other countries, where bread lines and forced labour are commonplace, these small aspects of day-to-day life in Canada are unheard of. It is these features that we should not take for granted and express immense gratitude for.

Of course, as a Conservative, I am incredibly thankful for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. His strong leadership under a Conservative majority government has allowed for tax relief, unprecedented job growth during recessionary times, and the creation of a leaner more efficient public service. Under Prime Minister Harper, Canada has seen a continued strengthening of the governments relationship with First Nations, including through commitments made at the historic Crown-First Nations Gathering; announcing support for First Nation Education to improve school infrastructure and address literacy; and a slew of other similar measures including introducing legislation on abolishing and replacing the paternalistic Indian Act. Prime Minister Harper is a Conservative’s dream, and I am grateful for the entire caucus, not to mention Canada’s strong support for Israel.

As a Conservative, one cannot forget to be thankful for Canadian ethical oil in Alberta’s oil sands. This enables Canada to support democracy and circumvent the purchase of oil from monstrous international regimes. It is these elements of life in Canada that I, as a Conservative, am truly thankful for.


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