Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Eli Cohen – Standing Order 36

Mr. Speaker, thanks to the efforts of B’nai Brith Canada, I have the pleasure of presenting a third petition this week in the House. This one has been signed by several hundred people. The petition, pursuant to Standing Order 36, draws to the attention of the House of Commons the long-standing, unrequited international issue of Eli Cohen.


Mr. Cohen was tortured, unjustly tried, convicted and hanged by a Syrian military court without legal representation and despite international protest. All his family asks is for the return of his remains for a proper burial as per the redemption of hostages tenet so central to the Jewish faith.  The petitioners call upon Parliament to use all reasonable means but not excluding the application of economic sanctions and severing of diplomatic ties with Syria in order to cause a return of Mr. Cohen’s remains for a proper burial in Israel.