Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Foreign Affairs

Mr. Speaker, some people living in the comfort and safety of western democracies find it easy to criticize those who must fight terror on the front lines on a daily basis. Maybe these critics would feel differently if they had to live next door to Hamas.
Terrorists in Hamas-ruled Gaza rained over 3,000 rockets and mortar bombs into Israeli communities in 2008. They target civilians and seek maximum loss of life. That is why the Jewish state blocks arms from entering the Hamas-controlled territory. Yet U.S. Vice-President Biden pointed out this week that Israel allows humanitarian goods to pass directly into Gaza.
Our government stands in solidarity with the one and a half million people of Gaza who suffer under the terror of Hamas.
We were also proud to host Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this week.
Though we are blessed to live in the safety and comfort of Canadian life, we will always stand with those who confront terror every day.