Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Foreign Affairs’ Lack of Vision

Mrs. Vivian Barbot (Papineau, BQ):  

Mr. Speaker, our traditional allies have noticed our departures from our traditional foreign policies, whether concerning the environment with the rejection of Kyoto, concerning the Middle East with Lebanon and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or concerning human rights with the death penalty and the torture of prisoners of war. These policy shifts affect our alliances and undermine Canada’s credibility on the international scene.

Does this come as any surprise, considering how much this Minister of Foreign Affairs lacks vision and influence?

Hon. Maxime Bernier (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC):   

Mr. Speaker, I thank my hon. colleague for her question, since it allows me to explain to her what we are doing on the international scene.

Some $300 million has been earmarked for the Middle East peace process. We are among the top five major donors to the peace process. Some $275 million is earmarked for peace in Sudan. We have imposed the toughest sanctions in the world on the appalling Burmese regime. We are working with NATO on a number of international missions, including Afghanistan. This government has a good record. We are proud of our record on the international scene.