Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
France-led UN observers are the only answer

[24 July, 2006]

The biggest and most troubling situation is the situation in the Middle East. Because we have so many Lebanese here in Charlottetown, this situation takes on a whole new prospective.

With Syria moving out of Lebanon last year, it looked as if Lebanon may have been on the road to peace and stability. The present situation is distressing not only as to what is going on but there is no end in sight. I know many of Charlottetown’s Lebanese families (especially the ones that came over in the past 20 years) are very worried about the situation.

This situation is extremely complicated and I certainly do not have the answers. Several years ago, Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon and more recently the Gaza strip. Now they are being bombed from these areas by Hezbollah and Hamas organizations. The Hezbollah is a terrorist organization funded by Iran and supported by Syria. Apparently, the Lebanese government has little, if any, control over Hezbollah. These events will no doubt destabilize the Lebanese government. Israel has the right to defend itself but the G8 countries and the United Nations must do more to bring peace to the region. It seems that the only answer is a UN or NATO led contingent to occupy South Lebanon- probably led by France. Let’s hope it happens quickly.