Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Fry: Canada should act as a peace broker

Vancouver, BC – Dr. Hedy Fry, MP today expressed her concern over the Government of Canada’s muted response to the escalating violence in Gaza, Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel.

"Once again we find ourselves watching from the sidelines as violence escalates in the Middle East. Since the Suez Crisis during the 1950’s, Canada has had a strong reputation as an honest broker. We earned the trust needed to bring states in conflict back to the negotiating table. A key pillar of my leadership platform is to return Canada to a strong activist role in global conflict resolution."

Fry expressed her disappointment over Prime Minister Harper’s low key response to the recent developments in the Middle East. "In spite of having numerous opportunities to commit Canada to an activist role, brokering peace in the region, our Prime Minister has remained relatively silent, choosing to only repeat remarks made by US President George Bush. Instead of picking sides and debating the proportionality of military strikes, this Prime Minister should immediately offer Canada’s assistance to bring the relevant political actors back to the negotiation table."