Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
George Galloway
Mr. David Sweet (Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, CPC): 
Mr. Speaker, before his constituents kicked him out of office in the U.K., George Galloway was videotaped giving fistfuls of cash to the terrorist group Hamas, yet York University rolled out the red carpet for him.
What is worse, the National Post is reporting that York’s president is threatening to sue a Jewish rabbi who organized a successful protest against Galloway’s speech.
Would the minister remind York’s administration that Jewish rabbis still have freedom of speech in Canada? Will he remind him that articles 7, 22 and 32 of the Hamas charter are not and never will be the law of this land?
Hon. Peter Kent (Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), CPC): 
Mr. Speaker, yes, Mr. Galloway has bragged openly about giving money to Hamas. Hamas is an anti-Semitic death cult responsible for the deaths of countless Palestinians and Israelis, and is quite appropriately classified as a terrorist organization in Canada.
We believe that all Canadians have the right to free speech, but we expect that universities in Canada will support free speech, not shelter from criticism those like Mr. Galloway, who says he is not in favour of free speech.