Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
“Good Politics, Bad Policy”

Good politics, bad policy, – a short-term game we’ll pay for Good politics, but terrible policy. That pretty much sums up the Stephen Harper government’s first months
in office.

"On the recent violence in Middle East, Harper has also no doubt made political gains in some circles with his bold statements of support for Israeli military action, but he has done so at the expense of many years of Canada carefully cultivating a more balanced approach, which has earned us international credibility as an honest broker. No politician can ignore politics. But politics at the expense of good policy is a short-term game that we’ll all pay for".

Holland condemns Middle East violence

MP Mark Holland has condemned the latest violence in the Middle East
and is urging the Canadian government to take a balanced approach and to
work with the international community to restore peace to the region.
"I condemn all acts of violence directed at civilians, whether by states
or non-state actors," says Holland. "All conflicts must be resolved in accordance
with international law, and resolutions of the UN Security Council
must be respected." The initial response by Prime Minister Stephen Harper was "very inappropriate," says Holland. Harper claimed Israel’s response was "measured"
at a time when Israel was bombing civilians in Beirut and other world leaders
were urging Israel to exercise more restraint. Canada has a tradition as an "honest broker" in the Middle East, Holland notes, and should not tilt too far in one direction.

[August 21, 2006]