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Greta Hoaken (Liberal) | “If I could say one thing to my party leader …”
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I’m the kind of person who generally has a lot to say about a lot of things. I understand, however, that for the sake of this blog topic I will have to choose my words wisely, as the nature of my assignment limits me to one specific thing I would like to say to my party leader, so I’ll try and keep it brief. To be honest, although I would love to sit down and pick Justin Trudeau’s brain for hours, there is really one big idea I feel I need to relay to him.

As a Liberal these days, especially as a young one, I’m constantly asked the same question by my non-partisan and non-Liberal friends: “so, how do you think Justin Trudeau is doing?” This isn’t a surprising question given the political climate of our country today. Mr. Trudeau is a relatively fresh face in politics, but I believe he is as skilled as he is young, and ready to lead our party forward.

Being in the spotlight has its benefits and its drawbacks. While Justin Trudeau sometimes makes waves with his liberal policies, these policies appeal to many Canadians as does his remodeling and perfecting of the Liberal Party and its functioning. However, when one is constantly being watched by the media a lot of backlash is an inevitable part of the deal.

He has been criticized for the marketing strategy employed for an event he participated in geared towards getting more women into Liberal politics; for his strong and substantive stances on issues like fighting terrorism at the root; and for thinking critically about our country’s balance of economic and environmental stability. Conservative attack ads that take his satirical words out of context, or criticize his participation in charity events that raise money for cancer, try to label him as someone who is not fit to lead, and is not truly serious about Canada. To me, the fact that such hostile and immature strategy is employed to undermine the Liberal Leader reveals a different truth. Justin Trudeau is a significant political threat not because he is a goof, but because he has substance. Ultimately, the other parties are simply too cowardly to go for the jugular of his arguments, and rather resort to schoolyard bullying tactics like these attack ads.

What irritates me the most is that while Mr. Trudeau seems to be making bold and comprehensive statements instead of simply repeating the same ignorant partisan fluffy talking points, the malicious nature of politics is often turned against his favor.

I want a Prime Minister who isn’t scared to tackle the big issues. I want a Prime Minister who isn’t afraid to lose votes over speaking the truth. I want a Prime Minister who understands the importance of sustainable economic practices. So, if I could tell Justin Trudeau one thing, I’d tell him just that: I want you to be my Prime Minister. More than that, I know many Canadians from many different backgrounds and parties want that, too.

So, without further ado, Dear Justin Trudeau: in the words of Lester B. Pearson, “the only failures are those who fail to try.” If this holds true, as I strongly believe it does, you won’t just win the small battles, you’ll win the whole war. Don’t stop trying to change this country for the better – after all, it often looks like you’re the only one brave enough to really try.

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