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Greta Hoaken (Liberal) | My Multi Partisan Valentine – 10 things I love About You
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(A totally platonic love poem to Matt Godwin and his beautiful writing)


Oh there’s a lad, from way out east,

Who writes just like a typing beast.

His name is Matt, his game is fly,

And even better, he’s an awesome guy.

*(Or so I assume because I’ve never actually met him)

Sitting starting at my computer,

As the day of love draws near,

Let’s think of Matt’s blogs and for him, give a cheer.

So many things I could celebrate

But I get just ten to boast.

What are they, you ask?

Just listen close

Thing number one that I love about you

Is the wit and the charm in the writing you do.

You make us laugh,

And you make us smile,

Forget the grind of our days,

For a while.

Thing number two,

Oh, what could it be?

It’s your masterful use

Of the analogy!

Your thanksgiving post

Was mighty fine.

Hey, guess what?!

This kinda rhymed!

Thing number three,

Well, that’s your grin!

In your picture, it spreads

From your cheeks to your chin.

Thing number four that I adore,

Is that you write of important events

Like revolutions in Syria, Egypt and elsewhere

Making sure nobody forgets.

Number five I like your syntax

Number six, your dedication to Thomas Mulcair,

Number seven the fact that I can see that

For your cause you really care.

Number eight that I appreciate

Is when you spoke of your Liberal friends.

It’s important to understand that when ‘partisan’ starts

Friendship doesn’t end!

But what else?

Number nine I like your use of historical facts.

Number ten, we’re almost done,

I like your love of CJPAC!


There’s one more I need to speak of

Now don’t forget Ms. Orli K

She reads our blogs and makes them better

We appreciate her every single day

Now my terrible poem is done

No more rhymes will be sung

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