Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee


Hon. Irwin Cotler (Mount Royal, Lib.):


"Mr. Speaker, Hanukkah, la Fête de la Liberté, la Fête des lumières, la Fête de l’espoir, is important not only for the Jewish people but has universal resonance.



First, Hanukkah signifies the importance of religious liberty in general and freedom from religious persecution in particular, for the oppressors of the day sought not only to discriminate against Jews but to extinguish the Jewish religion.



Second, Hanukkah, as the festival of lights, is the victory of the forces of light over the forces of darkness, of the rights of minorities everywhere, indeed, peoples everywhere, to live in peace and dignity.



Third, Hanukkah is a holiday of hope, that those who persevere in the struggle for human rights will ultimately prevail over those who seek to repress human rights.



May this festival of lights enlighten us and inspire us, here in the House in our deliberations, and in our lives beyond it."