Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Hezbollah’s War on the Western World

Mr. Stockwell Day (Okanagan—Coquihalla, Canadian Alliance): Mr. Speaker, for two decades now Hezbollah’s chief, Nasrallah, has called for war on the western world. Hezbollah has struck in South America. It has struck in Europe. It has killed in the Middle East. It has killed hundreds of Americans and it has promised more killings worldwide. Suddenly yesterday the foreign affairs minister had this revelation. He said, “Hezbollah…does not intend to be governed by the rules of civilized conduct”. As my five year old granddaughter would say, “Hello?”

What out of body experience did the foreign affairs minister have to suddenly wake him up and stop his year-long defence of Hezbollah? What happened?

Hon. Bill Graham (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, as the Solicitor General has told the House, it is his responsibility and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of Canadians and we will continue to do that.

It is my job to advise the Solicitor General of foreign policy issues, which include guaranteeing peace where possible but suppressing terrorism through our international conduct. The statements made by the sheik yesterday made it very clear that we have to factor that into our decision and we will do that.

I am confident that the Solicitor General and the cabinet will deal with this matter in the interests of security for Canadians, our allies and the development of peace around the world.

Mr. Stockwell Day (Okanagan—Coquihalla, Canadian Alliance): Mr. Speaker, rather than blaming the Solicitor General, I am asking the foreign affairs minister this. After months of Canadian Alliance pressure on this, after dozens of questions on this, after a record of killing and murder by this Hezbollah group, after announcements time and again on its Internet, an Internet which a high school student in Canada can tap into and see that it is dangerous, what was it that caused the flip-flop? If this has caused the flip-flop and he believes it is dangerous, why is he not putting it on the list of banned groups today?

Hon. Wayne Easter (Solicitor General of Canada, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I would suggest that the hon. member is having an out of body experience. The fact of the matter is that he is talking about the latest headlines that he reads in the papers. We have heard those latest headlines before.

We have a responsibility as a government to base the listing of entities on criminal and security intelligence information. We will do that. We will not be pushed to do it hastily. We will do it in the proper fashion in the proper order and we will do it timely and soon.
. . .

Mr. Stockwell Day :Mr. Speaker, I rise on a point of order. I would request unanimous approval from the House to agree with a motion that states: That in the opinion of this House, the terrorist group known as Hezbollah has committed untold horror on the lives of innocent people; That this group represents a security threat to Canada and its allies; That the Foreign Affairs Minister acknowledged yesterday that Hezbollah is not governed by civilized conduct;And that the Solicitor General of Canada should therefore recommend to the Governor in Council that Hezbollah, including all of its various factions, be added to the list established under section 83.05 of the Criminal Code—

The Deputy Speaker: That is certainly not a point of order, with the greatest of respect. I will go so far as to ask if there would be unanimous consent to propose such a motion?

Some hon. members:. Agreed

Some hon. members:. No