Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Holocaust Denial Conference

Senator’s Statements

“Honourable senators, a great English philosopher and famous Conservative, Edmund Burke once observed, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

“I recalled that bit of wisdom this morning when I read the heinous and vicious remarks of the President of Iran who was presiding over, what else, a conference of holocaust deniers. I was outraged to read, just as everyone in this chamber should be and is that the evil man, that paragon of intolerance, has once again suggested the wiping out of Israel.

“He remarked, according to the newspaper that I read that the killing of six million Jews in the Second World War is a myth. He called, not for the first time, for Israel to be wiped off the map. Not only that, he implied that his demented wishes were what all nations wanted, thus incorporating the likes of you and me and every Canadian in his warped sense of the world.

“His remarks should not go unanswered. I am glad to see that much of the world has condemned him, and I want to join in that condemnation in no uncertain terms, as I am sure do most sane people.

“Yet, there are those who say we must engage Iran and that perhaps we should deal with this man in solving the problems of Iraq; that we can talk things out with him. Unfortunately, there are also some people who do not listen to reason and we need to recognize that.

“I would argue that this man bears watching, and that good men and women the world over must be prepared to act to prevent the triumph of evil that is characterized by the President of Iran."