Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Holocaust Memorial Day

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to underscore Holocaust Memorial Day, Yom Ha’ Shoah.


It reminds us of the Holocaust’s unique evil, a genocidal singularity in which biology determined destiny.


It was a war against the Jews. Not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims.


This unprecedented horror will always have universal resonance and the terrible truths must be affirmed against those who would deny or distort them.

Accordingly, we must pledge and act so that never again will we indifferent to incitement and hate; never again will we be silent in the face of evil; never again will we indulge racism and anti-Semitism; never again will we ignore the plight of the vulnerable; and never again will we be indifferent in the face of mass atrocity and impunity.

We will remember always the victims who perished and the survivors still with us. We will commit ourselves to plant the seeds of a better future amidst the soil of a horrific past and reaffirm our common aspiration for international peace and justice.