Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Holocaust Remembrance Day 2007

Mr. Speaker, I stand today to remember victims of the Holocaust on the second annual UN Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is imperative that we never forget those who perished and suffered at the hands of the Nazi death machine and strongly condemn those who are today committing genocide, as in Darfur, and those who wish to.

Those who deny the Holocaust are not merely historical revisionists. They want to repeat it.

The President of Iran denies the Holocaust and threatens to wipe Israel off the map in the same breath. Let us never forget the Holocaust began with words of hate and anti-Semitism.

As we think of the victims and their immeasurable sorrow today, let us recommit ourselves and Canada to never again sit idly by and allow the systematic massacre of innocent men, women and children but rather do everything in our power to stop genocide in its tracks.

There can be no more powerful way to honour the victims of the Holocaust than to do that today.

As the survivors of these horrors, who have lost so much, show remarkable leadership and courage teaching the next generations, we can do no less