Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Mr. Speaker, 70 years ago, the duly elected leader and government of a modern country, known for its contributions to the arts and culture, edicted mass murder of an unimaginable scale. The world was shocked to learn of meticulous state records documenting millions who perished, horrendous evidence that evil resides everywhere when left unchecked due to apathy and indifference. The goal was genocide, to obliterate Jews in all countries under Nazi control.
As the storm clouds of rhetoric and denial gather against Jews throughout the world, we stand together to remember those whose lives were annihilated in the Holocaust. We stand to condemn those acts of genocide and those who would deny the very atrocities that caused millions to perish at the hand of their fellow man.
We stand as one people, under the banner of humanity, united in our support to solemnly pledge, this day and forever, never again.