Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
HSWG Graduate Encourages Students to Get Involved

By: Michael Morgenthau – High School Working Group Toronto Graduate


What will you be when you grow up? Will you be a lawyer, a doctor, a rabbi…or will you be a politically engaged lawyer, a politically engaged doctor, or a politically engaged rabbi. For me the answer will most certainly be something more in line with the latter.
Why is this so? Well, just last year I was asked to join the CJPAC High School Working Group (HSWG). The events which took place thereafter have led me in the direction of political involvement.

When I was first asked to join the HSWG I was very curious but did not know what it was all about. When I arrived at the CJPAC office for the first meeting, I was met with new and friendly faces and lots of pizza. Together the group of 15 students from various Toronto high schools discussed politics, learned about advocacy, met politicians and planned an event for other politically interested high school students. The meetings were enjoyable and informative.
Politics is an important part of how our world works and as high school students it is important that we get our say. That is what makes the HSWG so significant. Not only do we get to raise our voice, we also get the opportunity to work with an important organization that is in the thick of Canadian politics everyday.
I strongly encourage every high school student who thinks they may be interested in politics to look up the working group. Give it a shot. It could change your life for the better.


To get involved with CJPAC’s High School Working Group in Montreal, Toronto, or Winnipeg, please contact Ali Silverberg at or 416.929.9552 x 221.