Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Human Rights

Mr. Speaker, this week marks the fourth anniversary of the imprisonment of the Baha’i leadership, where the 20 year sentence is a virtual death sentence, reminding us of the systemic and systematic persecution and prosecution of the Baha’is, itself a case study in Iranian injustice.
While the world is understandably focused on the Iranian nuclear threat, we must not ignore the massive domestic repression in Iran, particularly as it finds expression in the criminalization and demonization of Iran’s largest minority, and the silencing and imprisonment of all human rights voices and the lawyers who would defend them, the whole constitutive of crimes against humanity in Iran.
Accordingly, we have been engaged in this Iran accountability week, wherein parliamentarians from all parties participated in a take note debate Monday to expose and unmask these massive human rights violations, adopted a unanimous resolution of condemnation in subcommittee yesterday and in tonight’s forum will continue to champion the Iranian people’s case and cause to let them know that they are not alone and that we stand with them in solidarity in their brave and just cause for freedom.