Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Human Rights – Durban 2009

James Lunney, CPC:

"Mr. Speaker, Canada has already withdrawn from the conference on racism scheduled for Durban in 2009.

Unfortunately, the last conference degenerated into controversy and disappointment, with open displays of anti-Semitism and anti-western rhetoric. Sadly, Durban 2009 appears to be headed in the same direction.

Canada, meanwhile, will seek full membership on the international Holocaust task force. In the past, Liberal governments paid for NGOs to travel to the Durban conference.

Could the Secretary of State advise Parliament as to whether Canadian taxpayers will be subsidizing NGO travel to the misguided Durban initiative?"

Hon. Jason Kenney (Secretary of State (Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity), CPC):

"Mr. Speaker, the government was proud to announce last week that Canada will not be participating in the racist Durban process. I am further pleased to confirm today that we will not subsidize NGOs to attend the Durban conference…"