Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Human Rights – Objections to the Prime Minister’s allegations of anti-Semitism

Mr. Speaker, one thing we can agree on in this House is that anti-Semitism must be stopped because it is an attack on all Jews and it is a barometer of hatred against all minorities.

We are united in our opposition to anti-Semitism and we need to be united in our efforts to stop it.

The last thing we need is a Prime Minister who alleges anti-Semitism among members of Parliament. What we really need is leadership, the kind that addresses growing anti-Semitism in Canada, which is up 11% this year.

We need the kind of leadership shown by citizens of Israel, whose pride in their 60th anniversary and confidence in their right to exist as a state does not prevent differences of opinion about their government or the peace process.

We need the kind of leadership that governments used to build from our strength not divide on the basis of any elements that seek to destroy our society.