Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee
Infrastructure building in Palestine

[11 February, 2005]

Mr. Ted Menzies (Macleod, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the foreign affairs minister announced that Canada’s role in the Middle East peace process amounted to yet another fact finding mission and paltry $100,000 in aid.

We have seen the appetite for real leadership and generosity by individual Canadians. Yesterday, the Canadian Jewish community announced $750,000 in private contributions to Palestinian medical needs. That is seven and a half times more than the government.

The Conservative Party is listening to the expert advice of Arab and Jewish Canadians that are calling for Canada to play a leading role to establish a viable, independent Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel.

Liberal mismanagement and weak foreign policy is embarrassing for all Canadians. Our neighbours to the south pledged $350 million to support Palestinian reforms. The $100,000 will not make us a major player in the region as promised by the Liberal government.

Will the Liberals follow the Conservative lead and make a substantial financial commitment to institution building in Palestine?